Saturday, February 25, 2006

Two (Old) Books

A discussion this past week caused me to dig into my (too extensive?) golf library and to recheck Holographic Golf, by Larry Miller (HarperCollings, 1993). It's a great little book that is 80% mental game. I haveto like it, because Miller's basic idea is to learn three static positions: address, the top of the backswing, and the finish position. Get those right, he says, and everything else will fall into place.

If you've been reading my essays and/or listening to the podcasts, you'll see the parallel.

But, beyond the physical, Holographic Golf is loaded with mental twists. Check out my "Tips" page for the best.

Besides Holograpic, Miller has also published Beyond Golf, which deals as much with your life as with your game.

I recommend both of Miller's books. The issue is availability, but I'm sure you can find used books on E-Bay, or elsewhere on the web. Good Luck


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