Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Hole of the Third Eye

(I can't help myself... forgive a small bit of personal pride here.)

The current quarterly issue of The University of Michigan's Alumnus magazine arrived yesterday, and I was pleased to find a feature review of my novel.

A brief quote from the article:

"This novel intrigues readers by its promise of a story that weaves together golf lessons and life lessons. It delivers on that promise as the author develops an unconventional plot and sympathetic characters who arrive at an unexpected finish at the Hole of the Third Eye. In Wayne Smith's capable hands, this refreshing change-your-life novel entertains the reader."

(Some people have said they can't find the link to the book. On each GolfingZen page, you'll see a menu list in the right-hand column that contains the link to the book. Check it out!)


At 7:51 AM, Blogger chesebro said...

I recently finished the book myself and really enjoyed it. As a beginner that has made rapid improvement through much work on technique... I've found the book very helpful in balancing between technique and mental attitude. "The Hole of the Third Eye" is a great book that provides some good golf "instruction" through stories about life. The opposite is true as well. Plus for those of us interested in science and Zen theory, there are plenty of factual/historical tidbits that the analytical mind will feed upon.

Overall.. Great book which is a very interesting read. Includes plenty of life/golf lessons that most readers will enjoy and learn from.

At 12:38 PM, Blogger Magicode said...

"The Hole of the Third Eye" is an excellent book that I highly recommend. It is much deeper than most of the other "mental side of golf" books out there. It is written in a novel format, and you follow the learning process of the hero, Harry Morgan, as his mysterious guide Joseph teaches him about golf and so much more. If you like golf and you like books that make you think, you'll love this book. It will teach you a lot more than just golf as well. If you like Wayne's podcast - you'll definitely love this book.

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