Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Golf54 — A New Book

Pia Nilsson (Annika's long-time mentor) and Lynn Marriott (Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor) have just produced a new golf instructional book, Every Shot Must Have a Purpose, and it's the type of book I ascribe to... not one mechanical swing lesson throughout. The book is pure mental game, concise, to the point and very well done.

Nilsson and Marriott run golf clinics and they call their approach "Golf54," under the premise that shooting a 54 is possible (a birdie on every hole on a par 72 course).

They don't deal with swing mechanics for several very sensible reasons: they can't see your swing, so they can't make informed comments; there is no one right way to swing; and—most importantly—it is our head that gets in our way, not our body and our swing.

And so they devote the entire book to your thought processes. In doing so, they've pre-empted some things that I planned to say in future essays, and they've given me some new ideas that I will steal shamelessly (with credit given, of course).

You'll hear a lot from them about our poor practice habits ("scrape and hit another"), about mental preparation and visualization, and about some very Zen-like concepts... paying attention, staying in the moment, etc. If you want a preview, check their website at www.golf54.com.

It is a book that's right down our ally, and I recommend it highly.


At 10:42 PM, Blogger GolfingEveryday! said...

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At 10:45 PM, Blogger GolfingEveryday! said...

Have you checked out Pia and Lynn's website www.TRACK54.com? Great stuff, just like the book...actually teaches you get the ball in the hole in less shots...not how to change the position of your right elbow at the top of the swing!


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